Arts degree (PhD), the Ministry of Islamic Guidance in 1392
1375 Master of Architecture, Industrial Design, Faculty of Art University
0.1354 (Bachelor of Interior Design, Faculty of Decorative Arts (University of Arts
. Tehran Conservatory Diploma boys 1350

Since 1376 member of the art faculty, Islamic Azad University Vmmary
0.1378 to 1383, Chairman of the Department of Industrial Design, School of Art and Architecture, University of Zvpyvsth Painters Association of Iran
Zvsazman Engineering Council of Tehran
Zvjamh interior of
30 + member group of painters

The member of the Management Committee Mural Painters Association of Iran, 1391 to 1393
Specialized Zvshvray mural Beautification Organization of Tehran in 1388 and 1389
Select Vhyat Zvshvray Fifth International Painting Biennial of the Islamic Masrjhan 1387
Art exhibition of contemporary artists selected Zvshvray Vhyat of Iranian Armenians in 1387
. Superior design and industrial design competition jury member of Congress, Academy of Arts, Department of Export Promotion, Ministry of Industry, 1379 to 1383
The member of the Management Committee of the Association of Iranian Painters from 1379 to 1382
Paintings Vdavry elected member of the (summer 80) Tehran Municipality

. 1366 has been an instructor at Islamic Azad University, University of the Arts, University Jihad and the Al-Zahra University

Held nine solo exhibitions